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Dramatic intro: It is quiet on the streets of Manchester. Fewer and fewer cars flow rapidly over the rain spotted streets. The trees are in full bloom, but few are there to see them. At least birds can now take a breath of fresh air. Ironically, the climate will benefit from the world’s cry. Greta kept saying that our house is on fire, but only now do we see the fire. It’s a microscopic fire, spreading more fear than fevers, but a threat nevertheless.

A few days ago I thought the world doesn’t need anymore technology. We are too disconnected, mentally and spiritually distanced from each other. And now, in the middle of a pandemic, we will be even more isolated. Again, ironically, the root of our social distancing can bring us together during our physical distancing. Although we might end up having walls between each other, we can break the virtual walls and say hello once more! Or if you have balconies, sing together like our friends from Italy.

Here is a list (that can be updated by me or you) of ways technology can bring us together during this world isolation experiment. Disclaimer, I am not advertising these apps! 🙂

  1. Teach your grandma to use Whatsapp before going into lockdown.
  2. Pray together using conferencing applications like Zoom (up to 50 people, free for up to 40 minutes / ~15 $/month per host for unlimited time) [Useful link here].
  3. Improvise together using Google Hangouts (up to 25 people, free). [Useful link here]
  4. Sing together using Skype or other apps (up to 25 people, free). [TED Talk inspiration here]
  5. Create animations online with anyone from anywhere with Artella (free to sign up). [Website link here]
  6. Play video games online with your buddies. [Useful link here]
  7. Share stories with your writer’s group using Google Docs/Dropbox and comment on each other’s work.
  8. Read dramatic stories to each other using Discord (free). Or join an online book club. [Useful link here]
  9. Watch films with 3 friends (at the same time) using a Premium Netflix package (~3 pounds/person per month).
  10. Solve maths problems using a collaborative online whiteboard (free, up to 5 people/ 5$/month for unlimited participants). [Useful link here]
  11. Artists, teachers, scientists, gregarious opinionated debaters, live stream your work and ask for donations, especially if you’re going through a hard time! [Useful link on apps | Useful links on getting paid]
  12. Write your own novel, inspired by the events from today by using online writing tools like Ulysses. [Useful links here]


Please comment if you have more ideas and I can add them to the list! Take care of each other my friends!


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