Oldie Projects


Superflow is inspired by Ian Clemmer’s work with the same name (Link: http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/superflow-original).
The main idea is to parent objects to one another and to make each object’s pivot point the first (root) object. Wonderful patterns emerge.
The code was written in max script.


Cube Limbo

While tutoring Fundamentals of Visual Computing at Bath University, I got acquainted with WebGL. This is a quick weekend project, where cubes of random sizes and animations do the limbo. The students laughed, so mission accomplished!

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Curious Cones

This little project aims to create a random set of cones that “look at” a shiny red sphere passing by.  Cones in this case can be seen as a metaphor for curious people, turning their heads after anything different from themselves. The code was saved as 2 shelf tools which can be used with any mesh.

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Master Thesis: Intelligent Agent In Pursuit of an Unknown Moving Target in an Unknown Dynamic Environment

The question raised in this work is how can a detective agent discover another agent’s strategy of movement as quickly as possible? The detective has to find and follow footprints and go through locked doors to find the culprit, before he gets away. The project is also known as the Sherlock project, but can it become Sherlock? Time will tell.

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Expressing Emotions Through Procedural Animation

We know from Paul Ekman that there is a baseline for human emotions. We all express the 6 basic emotions (joy, sadness, anger, disgust, fear, contempt) in more or less the same way. This personal inquiry looked at how we can abstract emotions to a language of trigonometric functions. Is there a link between the energic, soaring joy emotion and the upwards movement of a sine wave? For this initial stage of the project, I used simple primitive geometry. 

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