Dr Anamaria Ciucanu

I’m an ​animation researcher, ​storyteller and lecturer​, passionate about creating characters (theatre, animation, procedural, AI), understanding different forms of behaviour and how they create empathy in audiences. I’m currently a lecturer in 3D Character Development and Character Animation Techniques at Manchester Metropolitan University. Before this role, I did an ​Engineering Doctorate ​in​ Computer Animation at the University of Bath (UK), as a member of the Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE).

My main R&D interests​ are in different forms of expressing character animation: procedural, behavioral (Laban motion analysis, emergence theory, AI etc) and physics based, movement and pattern analysis, mesh reconstruction and deformation, expressing emotions, humour and other human behaviours through abstract movement (automata) and mathematical functions.

My other sites

Anamation: www.anamation.org

Ana Takes Photos: www.anatakesphotos.org

Video channels

Vimeo: vimeo.com/aciucanu

Youtube (acting/directing): youtube.com/aciucanu

Youtube (research & play): youtube.com/research&play

Stay in touch

Personal e-mail: anamaria.ciucanu@gmail.com

Social media: LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter