CORE Improv Theatre Course

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Tense scene right here.

This course is a set of 8 self-contained classes, spanned over 8 weeks, starting with a FREE taster class! It is a journey through the realm of improvised theatre, with a strong focus on short form scenes, characters and storytelling. Although not specifically designed as a comedy course, you’ll find that laughter springs often from our interactions and wild ideas.

CORE Improv is intended for beginners and those who want to hone their skills in the improv craft. People that struggle with anxiety, who want to enhance their spontaneity, confidence and creativity are especially welcome! 


Ana’s Research & Play

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I’m exploring how research (motivation, literature review, methodology, experiments & results) & play (storytelling, improv, visual stories, experimental ideas) techniques can work together to better understandcelebrate and save the world we live in.

I believe we can come up with better inventions if we have:

  • Courage 
    • Let go of the fear of failure
  • Meaning
    • Find the deeper WHY to stay motivated
  • Empathy
    • Treat each other like poets and geniuses



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You can find improvised stories, experimental mime, funny documentaries, cool videos from my travels and more on my video channel.


Yes and!


Stuff Bath Improv people say:

“I look forward to her sessions with great anticipation because of her infectious enthusiasm and the joy she finds in both the theory and craft of comedy and in the fundamental act of laughter. Her inclusivity and love of other people brings forth all of our capacity to connect and therefore our best performance to the surface.” (Alistair Pound)

“She is very creative and inspiring in her theatrical world. Delivers and explains well and then gets on with the interactive fun. A great team player.” (Paul Elliott)

“She embraces every situation with a level of energy and quick thinking that is far above many others. She is also awesome at leading groups, with her enthusiasm and playfulness an infectious combination indeed.” (Marcus Cross)

“Ana’s energy drives the scenes she is in. She has studied a number of different improvisers, which comes across in her wide range of characters and styles. She is not afraid to go all out and leave her ‘self’ behind to become whichever creation is in the next scene.” (Robin Tucker)

After an Improv Workshop for Computer Scientists at Bath Spa University, the students said the following when asked “What worked for you?”

“Got my mind working in different ways.”
“Useful messages for thinking spontaneously and being creative.”
“The ability to do pretty much anything – it put me in a state of mind that I enjoyed experiencing.”
“Seeing how creative people can be.”
“All of the group work to make us feel comfortable. Very good!”
“Sharing ideas in ‘character.'”