Ana’s Research & Play


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Motto: Think like children to solve grown-up problems.

I want to help you save the world!

I’m exploring how research (motivation, literature review, methodology, experiments & results) & play (storytelling, improv, visual stories, experimental ideas) techniques can work together to better understand, celebrate and save the world we live in.

How it works


I believe we can come up with better inventions if we have:

  • Courage 
    • Let go of the fear of failure
  • Meaning
    • Find the deeper WHY to stay motivated
  • Empathy
    • Treat each other like poets and geniuses

Technology should bring people closer to nature and to each other. Too long have we striven to do the opposite. I propose a new way of thinking to develop the next gadget to save the world, even if it is in some small way.

Ana’s Research & Play is similar to Design Thinking for project development, but with more focus on empathy for both the user and employee. Ideation is also expanded through a variety of playful techniques which makes building a new gadget fun and brings teams together. The research component also gives a more robust structure to the define, prototype and testing stages of the project pipeline.

How it started