Ana’s Research & Play


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Motto: Think like children to solve grown-up problems.

How it works

I want to help you save the world! That is why I’m exploring how research (motivation, literature review, methodology, experiments & results) and play (storytelling, improv, visual stories, experimental ideas) techniques can work together to better understand, celebrate and save the world we live in.

Ana’s Research & Play is similar to Design Thinking, but with more focus on empathy for both the user and the employee. Ideation is also expanded through a variety of playful techniques which make building a new gadget fun and brings teams together. The research component gives a more robust structure to the define, prototype and testing stages of the project pipeline.


What I believe

I believe we can come up with better inventions if we have:

  • Courage 
    • Let go of the fear of failure
  • Meaning
    • Find the deeper WHY to stay motivated
  • Empathy
    • Treat each other like poets and geniuses

Technology should bring people closer to nature and to each other. Too long have we striven to do the opposite. I propose a new way of thinking to develop the next gadget to save the world, even if it is in some small way.

What I can do for you

I can help you bring structure and fun (yes, both!) at each stage of your project development by a combo of research and play techniques.

The way I would like to work with you is by building a relationship based on trust. It all starts with an appetizer product, so you can test the benefits of the research and play method. One such appetizer is the Improv for creativity class.

Appetizer 1: Improv for creativity class

Develop the research and play virtues of courage, meaning and empathy through an Improv for creativity class. These virtues expand on the ideation, defining and empathy steps in the Design Thinking methodology. The class is first meant to boost spontaneity in generating and filtering ideas, find the deeper why of the project and aid collaboration. Subsequent classes can be requested to deepen each of the following virtues.

Courage: Getting out of your head, lateral thinking (breaking the patterns), thinking on your feet, spontaneity

 Meaning: Focusing on what the project is really about, finding the deeper why, identifying adjacent uses for the resulting product, finding personal beliefs on the project

 Empathy: Team building games, trust enhancement, listening skills, collaboraion, having fun together (breaks the ice)

Please e-mail me at to find out more about all available appetizers. These are usually customized to your needs and the current stage of your product development. Let me help you save the world!


After an Improv for creativity class in the Computer Science department at Bath Spa University, the students said the following when asked “What worked for you?”

“Got my mind working in different ways.”

“Useful messages for thinking spontaneously and being creative.”

“The ability to do pretty much anything – it put me in a state of mind that I enjoyed experiencing.”

“Seeing how creative people can be.”

“All of the group work to make us feel comfortable. Very good!”

“Sharing ideas in ‘character.’”


How it Started

For history’s sake let’s end with how it all started. Ana’s Research & Play started with an idea from a researcher, who was frustrated with the rigid demands of academia.

Thank you and keep exploring!