My Little Adventures, Poetry

Mouse in the House

Skirting boards creak at night

With scratches and nibbles aplenty,

We knock three times and hide in fright

Wondering if mice ever visit the gentry.

Tick, tock goes the clock

At one, three and four,

Tim hopes he has fit a lock

On each and every door.

With baggy eyes we fall asleep

As dawn begins to break,

When a dripping noise starts to creep,

The mouse has left us with a lake!

My Little Adventures, Poetry

The Little Surfer

Waves crash against my heart
With the strength of a hundred voices
From the deepest ocean part
Giving me strength to make bold choices.

My nimble limbs hang onto thee,
Oh smallest of all ships of man
And though you bruise and twist my knee
You take me safely to dry land.

A wave is like a thousand tales,
With many plots and twists and turns
Some raised with offshore veils,
Others bold from ground swell storms.

The captain of the ships stands strong,
With the whole sea against his chest
‘Don’t be afraid to get it wrong.’
He gives us courage when we rest.

Why do we ride the waves?
Are we worthy of their strength?
We can’t tame them, only gaze
How our spirits bind at length.

Now I sit here, on this train,
Filled with bruises, cuts and burns
But the biggest wound of all
Is leaving heaven at Sagres.