Ongoing Project



Motto: Storytelling will save the world.

This project will hopefully turn into a centre or company for animation, research and storytelling. Its nature is inter and multidisciplinary and focuses on understanding, helping and celebrating the world and the human spirit. Both art and science have a role to play in this project as they are deeply connected by the need of defining the world we live in. While art might bring forth illustrations, characters, 3D models, paintings and animations, science might use those concepts to design inventions, prototype and code their functionality or create procedural movement for new types of characters.

The Anamation way is one of stories because stories bring people together and touch their hearts. Everything we do, whether a drawing or a piece of code is part of a larger story, one that speaks of our true, deep nature as people.



  • Maya, Houdini, 3DS Max
  • NUKE, Photoshop/Gimp
  • Directing and editing animation films
  • Creative writing
  • Storyboarding, drawing and painting


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