Anam Fiain, Poetry

Bravery of Dawn

by Anam Fiáin of House Gideon*

A brave tale of knighthood I shall tell
That speaks not of blood stained swords or spells that repel
Nor does it speak of the shields that crush hearts of stone,
But of the courage of a man who is truly alone.

You have been sent to the bleakest abyss,
Where madness and darkness are never amiss
And if your brother raises his sword before you with death
Spare him his life and leave him his breath.

Be not afraid of those who can kill
A body of flesh as it can again heal,
Take heart, have courage and bare all with faith
And let not one soul become a wandering wraith.

Your brother will wake and morrow will ring
Of clinging voices who have forgotten their sting,
Heartfelt songs will replace the harsh and cruel zeal,
Saying: “My brother spared me so now I may heal.”

* Anam Fiáin is a character I created for an Empire LARP event